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Know more about bedsheet fabric


Bedsheet is one of the most important part of home textile bed linen products. it always comes in 4pcs per set or to be sold alone popular in the market. the quality is testified in the real life when people use it, the material position is one of most important point that people consider.


Bed sheet is normally made of cotton yarn in different portion and finishing process which tends to get different characteristic and advantages. so how to recognize and choose the one you need?


comb cotton is an yarn fiber which has been ride of some very short fiber ,dirts and seeds in the manufacturing. In the process approximately 15% of the ninitial cotton volume is lost, which increases material and production costs but at the same time grealy improves quality. The cotton yarn looks more clean, finest and luster.


Mercerized cotton, its production process is quite different as it involves the use of chemicals that alter the cell structure of the cotton fibres in the machine. the cotton yarn and fabric after mercerization not only creats the tight structure and greater louster look, but increase its suitablity for easily dying and remains colorfasterness of rich color variation.


Cotton flannel is made from carded cotton, which has single or double side velvet by cutting piles process. The quality is between the plain weaving and twill weaving fabric. The velvet piles creats extra softness and hand heal for textile. its good warmness gets popular usage in the winter.


100% cotton fabric in fine yarn and high density is high quality plain woven fabric which is made from combed cotton yarn. This is the best quality beding fabric seen in the market. the fine comed cotton yarn gives the fabric soft hand feel and silk liked luster that is applied to bed sheet and fitted sheet. The quality rivals the linen fabric.


Cotton brocade / damask has embossed pattern made in colored comed cotton yarn or threads by yarn weaving on the looms, which gives fabric softness and rich color shiny look.


Best Choice: 100% cotton beding fabric

100% cotton fabric is a natural fabric that is smooth, soft and comfortable. cotton fabric has good moisture absorption and air permeability, easy care and easy wash. Bed sheet in cotton fabric can be used in four seasons.


Cotton polyester blended fabric is more flat than 100% cotton fabric but in a less moisture absorption and air permeability. it is touched a little hard so that cotton content over 50% is better to increase the softness of fabric.